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Obesity Treatment

Rafael A. Guillen, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine located in Bronx, NY

Obesity is an very common condition in the Bronx, New York area and all over the United States. While beating obesity requires a commitment from both patient and physician, it's completely possible to become healthy again. Dr. Rafael A. Guillén is ready to help people who are already obese as well as those who are overweight who want to avoid becoming obese in the future.

Obesity Q & A

How are overweight and obese different?

A body mass index (BMI) of anywhere from 25-29.9 indicates that the patient is overweight. If the BMI is more than 30, the patient qualifies as clinically obese. When the BMI is 40 or more, the patient is extremely obese. Although being overweight is dangerous, being obese is not only dangerous but potentially life-threatening.

How many people are obese in the US now?

Currently, about 35% of adults in the United States are clinically obese. The number of obese people has been on the rise in recent years, making it a particularly serious health concern in America today.

How can patients overcome obesity and achieve improved health?

Patients can overcome obesity, but it requires a commitment to improved health and the expertise of a physician. Dr. Guillén is experienced in helping both overweight and obese patients get back to better health. Medically supervised weight loss includes counseling and regular check-ups, and may incorporate medication when needed. Dr. Guillén can help patients create a healthy eating plan, a regular exercise routine, and a lifestyle that really works for them.

What should the goal weight be?

The goal weight is different for every person. Generally, the goal weight will be determined using the BMI. Once a patient has moved under 24.9 BMI, they’re generally considered to be at a healthy weight. Patients can work with Dr. Guillén to determine what their goal weight should be.

How can weight loss be maintained?

One of the key factors in maintaining weight loss is accepting that it's time for a whole new lifestyle. Crash diets don't work for a reason: Most people lost weight quickly and then return to their usual eating routine. This soon causes their weight to balloon up to its previous point or even higher in some cases. With a lifestyle change, the patient looks at eating in a whole new way. This includes not only the foods that they choose at the store but the recipes that they prepare at home and the foods they choose when they're out at restaurants. Dr. Guillén can help patients make lifestyle changes that are instinctive, easy, and healthy to help patients achieve long-term success.

Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance representative visits the office weekly to help patients enroll in a plan if they do not have one. Please contact us to find out when an Insurance representative will be available in practice.

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