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Responsibility Between Patient/Family and Practice 

My responsibilities as a patient/family includes:

  • Keeping scheduled appointments.
  • Keeping scheduled appointment made outside of our medical group, (i.e seeing specialists, participating in tests or studies).
  • If you go to an appointment outside of our medical group, please remember to bring the results for your next visit. It is the responsibility of the outside facility to provide you with a copy. Bring results from: a Hospital Admission, an Emergency Room Visit, Specialist Notes, Lab/Images Results, Pathologies, Operations or any other medical information generated outside of our practice. If a CD is given to you with your medical information please bring it to us as well.
  • Informing your medical provider of any changes in your medical history since your last appointment.
  • Disclosing any allergies.
  • Informing the practitioner of your medical and family history.

The practice’s responsibility includes:

  • Reviewing your medical history, chronic illnesses medical records and results.
  • Performing clinical tests required.
  • Ensuring that all questions you may have about your treatment medications, possible risks, and medical conditions will be answered to the best of our ability. If a follow up visit is necessary and we will help set up the appointment.
  • To observe your behavioral health in order to provide support/guidance so that you as patients can act on the information and improve your health quality. 
  • To coordinate your care across multiple settings. While you are in the office, to the best of our ability, we will issue labs, PFT’s and referrals.
  • Providing extended access: after our clinical advice/consultation services are closed, you may obtain online services through our web site or portal.
  • Ensuring your care is oriented toward the whole person. You will receive the best information possible about community resources that will accommodate any medical conditions you may have and enhance your life.
  • Our Medical providers accept improvement through voluntary engagement in regards to performance measurement and improvement.
  • As your medical home, we will provide patient-centered care utilizing a team model. You will be able to select the supervising physician for your care team. The team, led by your chosen physician, will coordinate your care across multiple settings, accommodating visitation needs, as well as providing additional aid with managing your medical condition in everyday life. Our office staff will be aware of the clinical physician you choose, and should you need help or an appointment when your care team leader is unavailable, they will redirect you to another team medical provider
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